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Retro Belt for Street Dogs [Care Paws] x [Panga, Kirtipur]

NEON BELT – Neon belts are also called reflective belts. When we put direct light to the neon belt, this belt reflects the light and high-light the objects or creatures wearing neon belt. Hence, Neon belts makes things more visible during the darkness.

In the world full of piles of uncertainties, we – the god gifted creatures – are supporting one another to help survive those uncertainties. Having this belief, we planned and started the “PROJECT NEON”.

We started this project with an aim to help the innocent lives on the streets. And initially, we started off with the theme #VoiceForVoiceless. With collaborative efforts of our members, team Care for Paws made the reflective collars and worked on putting those reflective collars on the street dogs. We mainly focused on the busy lanes.

Due to the darkness during the evenings and nights, it is very hard for clear vision. As a result, this has created hurdles to the lives of innocent streets animals. We came across several accidents happening on the street to voiceless creatures, especially during the nights.

Both three wheels and two wheels were the cause of such frequent accidents during the darkness. One of the reasons behind such accidents is due to the lack of visibility of the dogs and other animals during the dark hours. The lack of visibility in darkness causes the drivers to commit the unwanted sin.

Therefore, in a hope to minimize such accident, we tried and are trying our best to save lives of such voiceless streets creatures.

After reading all these, you might have a question – “How does PROJECT NEON save their life?” Don’t worry here you have the answer. As the lights of your vehicle directly lies on the neon collar, it highlights the bright light that helps the rider/driver to know that there’s something lying on the road. The riders can see street dogs ever from a far. Hence, this is how neon belts simply provides sign to us humans that there is a creature staying on the lane/road.

Hope this compiled words have helped flow the information that every lives on the Universe is important and it is possible to live together through help of one-another. Let’s be a responsible social being by taking precautions. Lastly, we are very grateful to all the helping hands who supported us to put-on the reflective collars. Working with street dogs is never easy. There is always changes of dog attacks and bites. Hence, we thank everyone involved for putting their life at risk and helping us in this initiative.

Further, we are also thankful to everyone who appreciated our initiative, understood our concern for the street dogs, and helped us with whatever they can to support our work. We can never forget to extend our gratitude to those who are inspired and influenced by our effort. Inspirations always leads to expansion of similar efforts and ideas. Hope more and more people will be inspired and motivated to continue their efforts to initiate their ways to save lives on streets for animals. Let’s live our lives joyfully helping all creatures around us.

Let’s all try to be the voice for the voiceless.

Best Regards,
Care Paws

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