Panga, Kirtipur
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Explore Kirtipur – Your Online Guidance

Explore Kirtipur – Your Online Guidance

How to reach Kirtipur? - What to do in Kirtipur?

How to reach Kirtipur?

Kirtipur covers wide range of area. However, the Kirtipur hill can be reached through various ways and mediums. If you are trying to reach a specific destination inside Kirtipur, we hope our detailed guidance ( shall help you. Else, the simplest medium and ways would be:

Reach by your own medium?

The easiest route for the 2-wheeler / 4-wheeler from different places depending on where you are, would be:

  • Kathmandu / Lalitpur / Bhaktapur – Balkhu – Kumari Club – TU Gate / Laboratory School – Kirtipur Gate.
  • Out of Valley – Thankot – Satungal – Naikap – Kirtipur.
  • Hetauda – Kulekhani – Pharping – Changlakhel – Taudaha – Chhap – Panga – Kirtipur.

If someone (local) familiar with the location is in presence, various alternatives and shortcuts can be used.

Use Public Vehicle?

Kirtipur public bus / hiace services runs on two major bus parks in Kathmandu valley.


If you are in Kathmandu, you can easily find bus or hiace (van) at Ratnapark Bus Park.

Google Map Location of ‘Ratnapark Bus Park’:


If you are in Lalitpur, you can easily find yellow colored bus at ‘Lagankhel Bus Park‘ that head towards Kirtipur.

Google Map Location of ‘Lagankhel Bus Park’:


Also, there are applications such as ‘Pathao’ or ‘Tootle’ where you can ride-share to your destination. Simply, call the ride-sharing company agent, they will pick you in your location and drop you in your destination.

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