Panga, Kirtipur

Free (Mildly Used) Clothes Donation

Many family living around us cannot afford comfortable and luxurious lifestyle. It is our responsibility to help everyone around us.

It is the time of winter where keep ourselves warm sitting beside heaters and AC controlled room/offices. But, there are those families who have to forcefully depend on the sun light and the fire to keep themselves warm.


Therefore, we planned to stand up to help the need families to survive this cold winter. Our plan was to collect the mildly used (washed and germ free) clothes from people. First, we shared the information on our facebook page and started drop points (places which accepts clothes to for donation). Many people were willing to help us (Thanks to everyone who helped), which encouraged us more to make this social event successful. We reached door-to-door to the people’s home collecting the clothes. Some of the donors also dropped the clothes at our drop points (thanks again). Then we piled up the clothes, filtered the unwearable an dirty ones from the stock and categorized the clothes according to men, women and kids. After categorizing, we explored the needy places and started distributing.

Here, we realized the need of warm clothes for them. We collected the clothes again and established cloth bank at ‘The Bakhha Cafe & Restro’ at Townplanning, Kirtipur where we were also successful to distribute whole clothes. Then, we established more drop points at the ‘The Bakhha Cafe’, ‘Maltaa Restaurant’ and ‘Falcha Food Station’ for the collection of the clothes. This activity is still in run – and will be running every winter to ensure everyone survive the cold winter warmly.

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